Another big ear toner thoroughly,Even the echo。

White bear does not have the power of the hand,This slap is down,His body is immediately standing,Body tilt。
but,Tight again is a slap in the face,White Bear is about to fall to the body immediately recover。
Not waiting for him to react,Hand’s shadow。
Ten people like a storm-like slant-like slanting have called to face。
A piece of death。
Li Shaoxian’s signature smile has already disappeared,Zhang Yunfeng’s face is increasingly ugly。
That loud light,A sound,Take a look,Just like pumping on their face。
Soperous,There is still。
If it is in the nine roads before,Summer performance makes him feel angry,Then, continuous slash at this moment.,It can only make the muscles of his face.,Everything is rushing。
There are many young people in the field.,What is the same?。
As usual and underground forces,Never thought,The most common humiliation of the ear,This horror is。
Take a note,Seems to have endless,Pumping on white bear,Also pumped in their hearts。
They don’t know how big the power in the summer is.。but
But the sound is very bright.。
This is no longer called fighting。
This is beaten。
Do not,This has exceeded the beatings。
This is a face,Am,In naked humiliation。
The color of Chen Bing’s face is exposed……Not worrying summer,But I am worried that the white bear will be killed by the monks.。
now,White Bear has long stepping,But there is no coma,Didn’t fall。
Only a burst of numbness came from the face。
He hated the extreme,Also regretted。
“what……I am fighting with you.。”