They have the end of the practice date,Some is the student who is queuing.。

Even if it is night,It is also bright here.,Floral bird language,Wan Dave Tianfu。
Hao Lang suddenly shouted a young man who was in a hurry.。
Sound,Young people looked up,Rotating the face,speed up,“Rode,How come you?。”
His look is very respectful in Hao Mae。
Summer thus inference,I am afraid that Hao Ma is also quite high in the Pasta College.。
Hao Wah did not answer,“You are in the first few days.。”
Young people named Remaining Hi tip to take a bronze medal,Looked over the text above,“tenth day,Third weight,Sixteenth cave。”
“Let me see。”
Hao Yan launched bronze medal,Stand in front of summer,“See the number above this.,10――3――16,It means ten days after today,Can go to the third heavy dragon hole,NS16Cave。”
Young man named repairing is curious about summer,“Rode,Who is this……”“Is a member of our newly recruited。”
Repair,拍 拍,“Oops,It turned out that this year is admitted to the newborn of the Academy of Jiwu.,I have forgot this.。”
“Ha ha,Know that you are cultivating mad people,Go back。”
Hao Lang hit a sentence,Give the bronze medal.。
“Rode,I’m leaving。”
“Go back。”
Xiu Yuanxing hurriedly ran away。
Hao Lang deliberately explained,“The atmosphere of the competition of the Academy of Edition is very strong,Most people do tasks,Just practice,Scene like today,In fact, it is very difficult,Underground,Everyone is only occasionally relaxed.,Go to the martial arts gambling……”Toned,He comforts,“It’s not bad after ten days.,At least five days in the dragon cauldron,Five days is equivalent to fifty days,It’s enough for you to turn off a while.。”
There is no unwilling emotion in summer.,This is the rule。
Next,Two people speed up the speed,Jossion half column,Come to a wide place。 Summer noticed,Lowering below the Valley,There is a cave with a high of about ten meters,Inside the bottom,Above the iron painting silver hook writes four vigorous characters。
Jiuweido!Shi Cave,Building a delicate pavilion。
Front of the pavilion,Row a long slip course,About more than 30 people。
And sitting in the pavilion,Is busy,Registration and distribution number。
“Let it go,I am queue with you.。”
Hao Lang said a sentence,Summer,The two stood at the end of the team。
Queue in line here is different from the outside world,Speed is not slow,Efficiency is also very fast,I don’t go to the summer.。
Hao Lang standing on the side,“Thorn flower team,Wang Wei。”
Middle-aged human eyelids are not lifted,Gather your hand lightly press on a bright diamond crystal on the table。
His eyes are slightly。
Summer is already known in advance,This crystal,In fact, it is a refining device.。
It records all the teams and students of all teams and students in the Academy of Economics.、name。
As long as you have a team from?,And your own name,The teacher who is responsible for registration is only sweeping,Can identify identity。
soon,He started,Pick up a bronze medal,Write down with the wolf.11――2――5Number。